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Hi All,

Welcome to the official BiTGApps Release thread!

A new custom GApps package which contain minimal, But has all the required Google Applications to get Google Services functionality. BiTGApps support, additional features like Battery Optimization for GMS Core and its component. Optimize APK files with Zipalign tool. Optimize application database with Sqlite tool.


An open-source project started with the goal of having a google apps package with minimal install. Minimal, but still provide proper Google Services functionality. BiTGApps build does not comes in several variants like other google apps packages. It comes in one variant only, The Minimal. The main purpose of this project is providing a custom GApps package that is optimized, manually tweaked, perfectly balanced and has no bloats at all. Simplicity, but straight to the point is what BiTGApps all about. The very minimal build size and additional features makes it different from other GApps projects. BiTGApps is neither a fork nor based on any other existing GApps project. Its a completely different project started from zero. The BiTGApps Project came into existence in May 2018.


Addon Packages

Android Version Support

Android Platform Support


General Information

This post does not cover complete information regarding this project. It is recommended to read BiTGApps Documentation for detailed information. There is no reason to skip this step as everything regarding BiTGApps from Install to Uninstall covered in Documentation. Do not forget to read FAQ and Common-Installation-Issues.

If you don’t know from where to start, You can checkout Quick Support Guide

Custom microG package with additional features

Integrate BiTGApps or MicroG in your ROM

Want to contribute to this project, volunteers willing to help are more than welcome!

Follow this format for creating a bug report. If you post in the main thread not having read the Documentation, FAQ & most important Bug Report Format your post will be ignored.

Please don’t publicly mirror the prebuilt packages, to ensure that users will always be directed to the very latest version and the source code of the project. It is more likely that anyone using mirrored link will ended up with no link to Documentation/FAQ and they can’t use various features offered by the package. For open source projects it is critical that people are aware of where their software originates from, the rationale behind it, how to contribute and how to get involved. If offered via this post there are direct links to Documentation and Source Code of the project. This helps users find their way and to benefit most from the various features offered by the package.

BiTGApps App is used to keep track of installed BiTGApps version and offers Check For Update feature including Changelog of latest release. It also have direct links to XDA Forum, Source Code and Official Telegram group. You will be notified by the same application, incase you don’t have BiTGApps installed in your device, Also when an update is available and have direct download link of latest release.


Support Project

This project is maintained alone by me and putting in a lot of hours into it, to make it better. If you find my work good and it make things better for you, While not mandatory, donations encourage me to continue to further pursue this project and helps bear expense of resources used by this project.